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Experience secure office printing with sysHUB and uniFLOW

Online With sysHUB and uniFLOW Online, users can print documents from any connected application securely. All print jobs stay in a user’s personal secure print queue until they identify at a device of their choice and release them. This process provides maximum document security to the end user and the organization.

Connect any application to uniFLOW sysHUB

There are various ways to connect external systems and to submit print jobs to sysHUB:

Pre-defined connections (sysHUB input channel)

sysHUB receives data or print job


sysHUB receives data that will be converted into a print job

Application REST-API

sysHUB requests data that will be converted into a print job

uniFLOW sysHUB guides your critical document processes

uniFLOW Online job management

Print jobs submitted from a connected application to uniFLOW Online via sysHUB are managed via sysHUBs dedicated operator UI. This UI provides operators with a simplified and centralized print queue and job management.

Secure Print Queue

After identifying and selecting the print applet, users can access their personal secure print queue, where all their jobs are held to be released or deleted. Finishing options such as simplex or color printing can be changed at the device so users do not have to resubmit their job from scratch when changes need to be made.

My Print Anywhere

My Print Anywhere enables print jobs to follow users from device to device, allowing print jobs to be released on any connected printer after successful user identification. Users can select which print jobs to release from a personal secure print list.