Take control of your business-critical document processes
Experience the power and flexibility of uniFLOW sysHUB
Integrate. Automate. Monitor.

Flexible and seamless integration with existing systems

uniFLOW sysHUB integrates seamlessly with your legacy IT systems so you can protect your existing investments. You won't need to burn resources to replace existing systems or integrate with them or build additional capabilities externally. uniFLOW sysHUB

  • enables simple configuration management thanks to one central platform for configuration and management of document workflows and integrations.
  • offers a faster response to changing workflows, processes or business needs thanks to centralized control by one key application, using one language and logic in an easy-to-use interface.
  • is able to meet your plans for future expansion thanks to the flexible sysHUB software platform that enables you to connect & disconnect applications to your business architecture through a central platform.
  • supports variable data printing and on demand options.

uniFLOW sysHUB delivers complete end-to-end process control and transparency

End-to-end process control

uniFLOW sysHUB

  • ensures fewer failures, removes the threat of human errors and facilitates a quicker response to failures in document delivery, thanks to built in automated failover mechanisms and process trigger notifications.
  • enables full process visibility with track and trace capability for monitoring and logging process steps.
  • ensures proof of delivery by building a robust document delivery process including bi-directional feedback loops with external applications, all managed by sysHUB.

Reduced costs

uniFLOW sysHUB effectively saves on labor costs and, thanks to automated error-correction which reduces the levels of human intervention required, enables you to resolve issues quickly.

Increased efficiency

uniFLOW sysHUB dramatically increases uptime of your core business processes. Our streamlined and integrated system reduces the chances of failure and increases the ability to intervene if required.