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October 2022 | Press Release

Greatly enhanced output management capabilities with uniFLOW sysHUB 2022.2

uniFLOW sysHUB 2022.2 greatly enhances its output management capabilities. This release adds central print queue management via a modern, dedicated operator UI to steer and manage all devices and transactional print jobs from a single point of control. In addition, the powerful PDL conversion process has been updated with new PDF conversion options and PDF compliance validation. To fine tune the user experience, dedicated user interfaces can be built to control specific sysHUB functionality, e.g., to adjust print settings in a pop-up window.

Central print queue management

uniFLOW sysHUB provides customers with a powerful toolset to integrate and automate their business processes and applications. On top production print operators can monitor and control the entire printing of business-critical transactional documents. This latest release includes a brand-new, dedicated operator interface for central print queue management. It combines the management of devices and print jobs in a central dashboard, to keep track of all print jobs and devices, with several new print job management functionalities. The management from a single point of control significantly reduces the monitoring effort and simplifies the handling of print jobs and devices.

The operator interface provides a clear overview of every print job in various stages, separating incoming jobs from currently printing and printed jobs. At every stagethe operator has different print job management options giving excellent control, monitoring, and intervention capabilities. In addition, administrators can customize the layout, e.g., to show different columns or additional job details.

Devices can also be managed by the operator within the central queue management. They can stop and start the spool-in and -out functionality of devices or stop a device completely, all with a single “click”. 

Custom UI creation

Various customers might have specific requirements when it comes to the user interface. To meet those needs, there is the option to create dedicated UIs. Administrators can use JavaScript to build custom dialogs to control of certain sysHUB functionality through a dedicated UI.

August 2022 | Press Release

uniFLOW sysHUB 2022.1 by NT-ware Enterprise Solutions is Certified by SAP® for integration with SAP S/4HANA®

NT-ware Enterprise Solutions GmbH announced today that its uniFLOW sysHUB 2022.1 is certified by SAP® for integration with SAP S/4HANA®. The integration helps enable customers to receive print jobs via SAP S/4HANA and sends feedback to the SAP system.

Outstanding document processing performance

uniFLOW sysHUB links SAP S/4HANA to output management systems or directly to IPP-supporting printers. It can accept, analyze, and transfer output data, offering advanced back-channel communication. Additionally, it can enrich data from SAP technologies using external sources, such as customer relationship management environments, data archives, or composition applications, and store the digital documents back to SAP S/4HANA or an external document archive.

Superior print job and output management

For an even more satisfying printing experience, the sysHUB 2022.1 and sysHUB IPP adapter can be combined. The sysHUB IPP adapter allows the integration of printers in uniFLOW sysHUB to ease printing from various enterprise resource platforms . The IPP adapter provides print job management, queueing and monitoring, a detailed device overview, and basic device operation capabilities.

The certification is listed on SAP Certified Solutions Directory.

SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) has certified that the integration software for uniFLOW sysHUB 2022.1 integrates with SAP S/4HANA using standard integration technologies. SAP S/4HANA is the next-generation business suite designed to act as the digital core, helping customers drive digital transformation across their organizations.

For more information please contact

SAP and other SAP products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP SE in Germany and other countries. Please see for additional trademark information and notices. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.


April 2022 | Press Release

Steuerung des Produktionsdrucks mit uniFLOW sysHUB 2022.1

Manage workflow and printing of business-critical documents from a single point of control

  • Enhanced production printing management
  • Increased system security

uniFLOW sysHUB 2022.1 delivers the next step to manage the printing of business-critical documents provided by various ERP systems. Adding powerful conversion options, job and device redirection in case of device failure, and spool-out automation to prevent jobs being sent to offline devices. To enhance system security sysHUB administrators can now implement a set of password rules.

Enhanced production printing management

uniFLOW sysHUB not only provides customers with a powerful toolset to integrate and automate their business processes and applications, it also allows production print operators to monitor and control printing of business-critical documents.

This latest release includes a powerful conversion engine allowing a variety of Page Description Languages (PDLs) to be converted in either direction e.g., from XPS to PDF. It also supports the conversion of various PDF standards (PDF/A and PDF/X) to ensure that archiving and prepress digital data exchange requirements are met.

Furthermore, sysHUB operators can now conveniently redirect a failed device to any other available device. Operators can then either delete all jobs currently queued on the failed device or cancel the entire job. Additionally, the new spool-out automation ensures print jobs will not be sent to a device that unexpectedly goes offline.

Increased system security

Passwords are hard to remember and are a security risk for users as the same word is often used for different services. Data breaches involve weak, default or stolen passwords. Applying company policies for password rules to all implemented systems minimizes this risk thus increasing security. This latest release of uniFLOW sysHUB means administrators can now apply corporate password rules for sysHUB users to increase the overall system security of business-critical infrastructure.

March 2022

Stand united for peace

The violence and destruction being caused by the military attacks on Ukraine is shocking to all of us. We share our heartfelt concerns for our colleagues and the Ukrainian people whose lives have been deeply affected.

As part of the world-wide relief efforts supporting Ukraine, we are donating to various international aid and humanitarian organizations.

As of earlier this week, NT-ware suspended all product deliveries into Russia. We continue monitoring the fast-evolving situation and developments.

We stand united in desire for peace. 

January 2022 | Press Release

uniFLOW sysHUB is once more certified by SAP

With the newly introduced uniFLOW sysHUB SAP cloud adapter, customers can receive and submit print jobs via the SAP S/4HANA® Cloud and the SAP® Business Technology Platform. The adapter bridges the gap between the local sysHUB environment and the SAP Cloud Solutions. Print jobs are continuously tracked and monitored by sysHUB. Available print jobs are pulled from the cloud, and print job information and attachments are downloaded and added to the sysHUB job ticket to be further processed.

Outstanding document processing performance

The SAP S/4AHANA Cloud increases the document processing performance by allowing the simultaneous handling of multiple print jobs. uniFLOW sysHUB is the first and currently only solution on the market that supports the utilized application programming interface (API) to cement its position as an outstanding complementing SAP solution.

Superior print job and output management

For an even more satisfying printing experience, the sysHUB SAP cloud adapter and sysHUB IPP adapter can be combined. The sysHUB IPP adapter allows the integration of printers in uniFLOW sysHUB to ease printing from various ERP systems such as SAP. The IPP adapter provides print job management, queueing and monitoring, a detailed device overview and basic device operation capabilities.

Unique solution

uniFLOW sysHUB is the only solution on the market

  • Supporting the ‘Multiple Item Transfer’ API utilized by the SAP S/4HANA Cloud for an unchallenged document processing performance
  • Offering a printing integration with the SAP Business Technology Platform


About uniFLOW sysHUB

uniFLOW sysHUB integrates and automates business processes and applications into one manageable and consistent workflow. Workflows can be fully automated, and different processes and applications are initiated at the right moment to suit unique customer requirements based on pre-defined rules.

October 2021 | Press Release

Production printing integration with uniFLOW sysHUB 2021.2

With the upcoming release, two brand new sysHUB adapters will be launched to ease the fully automated printing from ERP-systems with sysHUB: One new sysHUB adapter allows printing from sysHUB with print job submission, handling, monitoring, and more, whereas the new SAP cloud adapter can be utilized to receive and submit print jobs via the SAP S/4HANA cloud and SAP Print Service. In addition, Administrators are now able to handle sysHUB functionality via the import and export management provided within the sysHUB Web-Client.

Print integration with uniFLOW sysHUB

This new adapter allows the integration of printers in uniFLOW sysHUB to ease printing from various ERP-systems. Besides print job submission through workflow execution, the adapter provides print job management, queueing and monitoring as well as a detailed device overview and basic device operation capabilities. The capabilities of the new adapter form a perfect fit with cut sheet and digital presses from the Canon production and commercial printing portfolio like the Canon imagePRESS and varioPRINT series.

Convenient adapter configuration

The adapter configuration is carried out via the ‘Adapter Manager’, where administrators can add multiple devices and set job queueing, monitoring, and security properties per device.

Superior print job handling

The ‘Snapshot’ view provides extensive print job handling capabilities. Print jobs can be stopped, re-printed, deleted, or started at another time. Operators can also create and apply job filters to look for specific users, devices, and more.

Device monitoring & management

The ’Device’ view shows all connected devices, including a brief description, their names, and workload. Even the device status is shown to operators, for example if the machine is out of paper, does need toner/ink or any other attention. In addition, operators can stop and start the spool in and out functionality besides the complete stoppage on a device.

SAP cloud printing with uniFLOW sysHUB

With this new adapter, which is unique in the market, uniFLOW sysHUB is able to receive and submit print jobs via the SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Approved and certified by SAP! The adapter bridges the gap between the local sysHUB environment and the SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Print jobs submitted via SAP S/4HANA Cloud are continuously tracked and monitored by sysHUB. Available print jobs are pulled from the cloud and print job information and attachments are downloaded and added to the sysHUB job ticket to be further processed.

SAP cloud adapter configuration

Administrators can perform the adapter configuration via the ‘Adapter Manager’, where the connection either to the SAP 4/HANA Cloud Print Pull Service or to the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) can be established.

SAP print job handling

SAP print jobs are handled by Operators utilizing the ‘Snapshot’ view. Additionally, Operators can prove the status of every print job within the ‘Snapshot’ view.

Easy management of configuration packages

The export functionality allows the creation of specific uniFLOW sysHUB configuration packages via simple drag and drop action for, e.g., backup purposes. Created packages are stored in a dedicated folder within the sysHUB directory and might be imported on purpose by the administrator.

The import functionality does not only allow the import of self-created configuration packages. Administrators can also use the import function to import pre-configured packages for adapters, input channels, cElements, and more to add functionality to their sysHUB installation.

Further improvements

In order to expand the uniFLOW sysHUB capabilities even further, a couple of new sysHUB processes and decisions are introduced to ease configurations, increase performance, and ensure proper workflow execution.

New sysHUB processes

  •  ‘CreateOrUpdateOrderedMap’ to create a new map or adjusts an existing one with key and value entries
  • ‘SetObjectMultipleProperty’ to allow setting multiple attributes for a single object
  • ‘JobServiceNativeLayer’ to increase performance due to faster pick up of the next available job

New sysHUB decisions

  •  ‘IsMapInDictionary’, ‘IsObjectInDictionary’, ‘IsArrayInDictionary’ to validate that the named elements are correctly used within processes

May 2021 | Press Release

NT-ware COSMOS becomes uniFLOW sysHUB

With this first release of 2021, we are finalizing COSMOS's business transition from Canon to NT-ware. Therefore, we are proud to announce the rebranding of COSMOS to 'uniFLOW sysHUB'! Over time COSMOS has undergone many changes; now it has arrived home. As ‘uniFLOW sysHUB’, it will join the uniFLOW product family and finds its place amongst proven cloud and server-based print and scan management software solutions. As an integral part of the portfolio uniFLOW sysHUB will integrate and automate business processes and applications into one manageable and consistent workflow. 

What’s new in sysHUB 2021?

A new name, a new logo, a new licensing system plus many improvements and new features. That is uniFLOW sysHUB 2021! We have also extended the Web-Client functionality, updated the e-invoicing processes and enhanced system and security features.

New Web-Client functionality

Job management allows advanced job tracking

Detailed job information can be viewed in two separate views. The 'real-time' view allows administrators to view up to 1.000 active jobs. The view automatically refreshes with every new job in the queue. The 'snapshot' view shows all active jobs and needs to be refreshed manually to update the job list.

System & user logs for detailed usage insights

The system and user logs grant administrators detailed usage insights. In case of emergency, administrators can quickly validate and eliminate the system failure to ensure business continuity. While the system log shows administrators the current system behavior, the user log shows individual user actions e.g. login.

User management for easy user administration

Web-Client user management simplifies administration of users and their permissions. All permissions are drilled down to allow administrators to search for specific permissions, review and adjust the permission mapping on a user level and per user role.

Expert & parameter-set configuration for a simplified system administration

The Expert and parameter-set configuration grants in-depth access to sysHUB for a simplified system administration. The newly implemented search functionality allows administrators to look for specific system folders, while the new multi-selection feature enables easy folder and file deletion.

Superior e-invoicing capabilities

To ensure customers can meet European e-invoicing requirements, the ZUGFeRD extension has been updated to version 2.1.1. uniFLOW sysHUB 2021 enables customers to either create or validate e-invoices utilizing common e-invoicing standards such as XRechnung and Factur-X. In addition, the validation performance has been greatly enhanced so incoming e-invoices are validated in no time.

Enhanced job processor & load balancer

The job processor and load balancer enhancements guarantee increased system performance by splitting the system workload based on fixed time frames. Administrators can define a time slot for a specific job type within the feature settings e.g. gathering invoices or delivery notes from an ERP system. During this time slot, the job processor or load balancer will only carry out the assigned task. Within the terminal, administrators can view the current time slot allocation by utilizing the new command 'jpstat'.

December 2020 | Press Release

The 20th anniversary of the NT-ware COSMOS Team

December 1st 2000 was the official date on which Océ Germany founded the ApplicationLab, the original name of the NT-ware COSMOS development team, to set up a dedicated group supporting all business units and sales consultancy in the drive to provide business solutions. With 20 years of experience, the team continues to develop NT-ware COSMOS, the highly flexible workflow solution that helps our customers to organize, monitor, control and measure repetitive document processes.

Developing a wide variety of applications

Over the years the ApplicationLab has developed a wide variety of products and modules, including NT-ware COSMOS, PrintKey and EPOS. In 2002 the team started the development of PrintKey, a highly successful certified SAP solution for combining large format documents and transactional printing. Early on, it became clear that there was a high demand for a flexible modular system that the professional services’ consultants can use to set up systems for a client, fulfill their specific requirements, and have full transparency of custom implementations for supporting the solutions.In parallel, EPOS was built for print providers to control different print applications for their production printing facilities. The idea of combining both products in 2005, can be seen as the birth of COSMOS, which was officially launched in 2007. After that, the team has continuously worked on the development of COSMOS. Following from that point, COSMOS has become an established name on the market and a great successor.

Becoming part of a new family

In 2019, the COSMOS business was transitioned from Océ to NT-ware Enterprise Solutions, which is a 100% subsidiary of NT-ware, and the COSMOS-team became part of the NT-ware family. As NT-ware Enterprise Solutions GmbH, the COSMOS team takes care of further developing this extremely powerful workflow application in the market.

About NT-ware COSMOS

NT-ware COSMOS is a platform independent, rule-based Client-Server application with a highly flexible workflow designer to organize, monitor, control and measure repetitive document processes. It integrates and automates business relevant processes and applications into one manageable and consistent workflow. Due to unique business requirements, workflows can be fully automated, invoking the different processes and applications at the right moment based on pre-defined rules. NT-ware COSMOS can replace manual steps to increase efficiency, reduce the risk of errors and allows full workflow-control from a single point of operation. Every step of the workflow is logged and stored in a library for later review.

When workflows are automated via NT-ware COSMOS, users can concentrate more on their core business. Maximize the value of your business by running processes automatically in the background. The bi-directional communication ensures a proper communication between NT-ware COSMOS, connected applications and services.

September 2020 | Press Release

NT-ware COSMOS 2.9.1 – Additional Web-Client functionality, Native-Client improvements, and updated PDF processes

The release of NT-ware COSMOS 2.9.1 brings new functionalities to the Web-Client which simplify configuration for admins. Beside the Terminal, for a simplified configuration via console, the backup and restore functionality has been added to the Web-Client. The SQL tool has also been implemented, to allow import of various database schemes, as well as the certificate management, to verify and establish trusted connections. The upcoming release also incorporates improvements to existing Native-Client features. The PackageManager and ImportManager are more responsive while adding additional functionality to the PackageManager. The HotFolder receives a new log information level providing detailed debugging information. In addition, all NT-ware COSMOS pdf processes are updated to the new iText 7 version.

NT-ware COSMOS 2.9.1 key features

Additional Web-Client functionality

  • ‘Terminal‘ for a simplified configuration via console
  • ‘Transport Management’ to backup and restore configurations
  • ‘SQL Tool’ to enable database scheme import functionality
  • ‘Certificate Management’ to manage external and establish trusted connections

Improved Native-Client features

  • Enhanced PackageManager and ImportManager
  • New HotFolder log information level

Updated NT-ware COSMOS PDF processes to iText version 7

Utilizing the Terminal for a simplified configuration

A vital Native-Client function has now been incorporated into the WebClient. The ‘Terminal’ allows administrators to configure NT-ware COSMOS with ease, utilizing a console view. Admins can use the help command to list all available commands and recall last typed commands by pressing the UP-button.

Backup and restore NT-ware COSMOS configurations

NT-ware COSMOS 2.9.1 adds another essential functionality to the Web-Client; the ‘Transport Management’ implements the NT-ware COSMOS backup and restore functionality. This feature has also been improved; the backup file size can be dramatically reduced by excluding packages such as categories, cElements or job types from the backup, which saves storage and reduces costs.

Import various database schemes utilizing a simplified SQL-Tool

The SQL-Tool allows admins to import different SQL database schemes to the NT-ware COSMOS configuration, depending on customer requirements. To improve admin support and streamline processes, a syntax help has been implemented to simplify text processing as well as drag and drop functionality for tables and commands.

Manage certificates to verify trusted connections

The ‘Certificate Management’ is also now an integrated part of the Web-Client. By utilizing certificates, admins can grant access to NT-ware COSMOS to external parties, establish and verify trusted connections and ensure that transmitted data is encrypted.

Enhanced PackageManager and ImportManager

NT-ware COSMOS 2.9.1 upgrades the Native-Client as the response time of the PackageManager and ImportManager has been speeded up thanks to reduced data handling. This can be achieved by loading data for only the selected package rather than all available packages.

Package handling has also been improved as thePackageManager replaces or overwrites items in the target system during package import, which results in significantly reduced manual interventions.

New log information level

It is important to receive real time information on processes to maintain a complete overview and be able to react immediately if required. To provide even more detailed log information, a ‘Debug’ information level has been implemented. The new information level separates existing log information - info, warning and error - to deliver a more detailed overview.

Updated NT-ware COSMOS PDF processes

With the launch of iText 7, numerous new PDF features are available with NT-ware COSMOS 2.9.1 including new PDF creation, conversion and redaction features, as well as additional language support.

Continuous improvement

The core NT-ware COSMOS functionalities are constantly improved to include many smaller enhancements and bug fixes with the NT-ware COSMOS 2.9.1 release. For any questions, please contact

June 2020 | Press Release

NT-ware COSMOS 2.9 - Enhanced user experience, improved security and cloud connectivity

NT-ware COSMOS integrates and automates business-relevant processes and applications into one manageable and consistent workflow. Due to unique business requirements, workflows can be fully automated, invoking the different processes and applications at the right moment based on pre-defined rules.

With a clean, fresh look, the new NT-ware COSMOS Web-Client is a big step towards simplified configuration for admins. The intuitive user interface ensures smooth navigation through all Web-Client features.

The new SFTP input channel reduces the required customization effort, to enable secure FTP connections and provides a pre-configured and secured FTP connection to ensure secure communication. With the upcoming release, an additional adapter has been implemented to extend the range of connected cloud services.

The NT-ware COSMOS CSI adapter delivers a connection to a variety of scan destinations, including Box, DropBox, Evernote®, Google Drive™, Microsoft OneDrive® for Business, and Microsoft SharePoint® Online. The updated NT-ware COSMOS Therefore™ adapter allows customers to utilize Therefore™ Online as an additional cloud-based service.

A new HTTP execution process combines existing and additional HTTP execution methods into one single operation. Apart from the release of NT-ware COSMOS 2.9, NT-ware launches a new dedicated website to provide product information and keep customers up to date.

NT-ware COSMOS 2.9 key features

  • Brand new NT-ware COSMOS Web-Client
  • Easy integrable SFTP Input channel
  • Cloud connectivity with the new CSI adapter
  • Connect to Therefore™ Online
  • Additional HTTP execute methods

Cloud connectivity with the new CSI adapter

The implementation of the uniFLOW CSI interface (Connectivity Services Interface) enables NT-ware COSMOS to communicate with a variety of cloud destinations.

To store, send, and retrieve data online, companies can easily integrate the following cloud destinations into their business practices:

  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive™
  • Evernote®
  • Microsoft OneDrive® / One Drive® for Business
  • Microsoft SharePoint® Online

Connect to Therefore™ Online

Support for an additional cloud-based destination has been added to the NT-ware COSMOS 2.9 release. The updated Therefore™ adapter enables customers to store, send, and retrieve data online, utilizing Therefore Online.

Additional HTTP execution methods

A new single HTTP execution process has been implemented that combines existing and additional HTTP execution methods to replace old and single executable processes. Newly available HTTP execution methods are GET, HEAD, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, OPTIONS, and TRACE.

Continuous improvement

The core NT-ware COSMOS functionalities are constantly improved. Many smaller enhancements and bug fixes are also included with the NT-ware COSMOS 2.9 release. For any questions, please contact

November 2019 | Press Release

NT-ware Enterprise Solutions acquires the NT-ware COSMOS business

Today NT-ware Systemprogrammierungs-GmbH announces the recent transition of the NT-ware COSMOS business from Canon Europe to NT-ware Enterprise Solutions GmbH in Stuttgart, which is a 100% subsidiary of NT-ware. The official acquisition date is August 1, 2019. NT-ware, developers of the leading print and scan management applications uniFLOW and uniFLOW Online, aim to strengthen its already powerful software portfolio into the enterprise space, and benefit from the high knowledge and skill set of the NT-ware COSMOS employees.

NT-ware COSMOS - Taking control of business-critical document processes

The NT-ware COSMOS software is a highly flexible workflow management application that can equip customers with a secure, unified and well-managed document input and output processing system. It can help embrace digital delivery systems, enhance customer information, and integrate all critical document processes into one streamlined system. Customers can leverage their existing software tools and processes by allowing NT-ware COSMOS to centrally control multiple processes through them. With bi-directional communication, results are monitored, checked and validated. Improving customers’ competitive edge and shortening customer response times.

NT-ware COSMOS is ideal for applications across a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, banking, insurance and logistics. With its certified SAP connections NT-ware COSMOS can accept, analyze and transfer any data output from the SAP Output Management System and convert it into nice looking documents before they are sent for printing or email distribution. All data output is accurately routed and tracked by NT-ware COSMOS.

Stronger together

By adding NT-ware COSMOS to its portfolio and investing in its future, NT-ware expands its base in the enterprise and production print market segment. Furthermore, by integrating some of the advanced NT-ware COSMOS technologies, like the highly flexible workflow engine and enterprise ERP connections, into uniFLOW on-premise and its public cloud solution, uniFLOW Online, NT-ware can expand their enterprise reach as well.

‘By integrating the NT-ware COSMOS product and technology in our core products uniFLOW and uniFLOW Online, and by utilizing our proven support structures, we have the opportunity to expand the NT-ware COSMOS business globally,’ says Karsten Huster, President and CEO of NT-ware. ‘In addition, NT-ware COSMOS customers can profit from uniFLOW technology becoming available in NT-ware COSMOS, and from NT-ware’s experience in developing public cloud solutions.’

About NT-ware

NT-ware, a Canon Europe company, now employs more than 160 people, spread across offices in Bad Iburg, New York, Singapore and Tokyo. With more than 20 years of experience, NT-ware develops the market leading print and scan management applications uniFLOW and uniFLOW Online, and closely collaborates with Canon on future developments.

For any questions please contact

Press Release

What's new with NT-ware COSMOS 2.8

NT-ware COSMOS 2.8 developments have had a strong focus on updating the platform's robustness. This means upgrades in the platform's performance and easier deployment management. And with the new REST API the standardization of interactions with external applications is greatly enhanced.

NT-ware COSMOS 2.9 key features

  • NT-ware COSMOS Deployment Manager
  • Single point of configuration option
  • Performance and Security
  • Connector developments

NT-ware COSMOS Deployment Manager
The new Deployment Manager controls the deployment of complete configurations (including files, properties, database content, etc.) from one NT-ware COSMOS server to another in a structured and automated manner. It is used primarily to get configurations of workflows and all related resources from Development into Test, into Production, and to ensure the Backup server always has the exact same versioned configuration compared to the Production system. The mechanism works through a GIT based version control system, allowing the user not only to easily move configurations from one system to another, but also to put previous or future configurations 'active'. And the control systems allows the tracking of changes in configuration versions. A set of standard workflows is included that can be used to automate specific deployment steps. An example workflow is the scheduler, which allows the storage of a configuration at a specific time. The standard set of workflows can be modified to create customization.

NT-ware COSMOS SFTP Input channel
With the new NT-ware COSMOS Single Point of Configuration option (SPOC) the possibility is offered to manage all configurations in one central system. From here the configurations are distributed across all NT-ware COSMOS systems. This can be especially useful in a DTAP architecture where configuration management is crucial and manual modification of configurations on each individual server can be time consuming and risky. With the SPOC each server recognizes which role it plays in the total environment based on e.g. its host name or IP address, and selects the relevant configuration based on this role.

NT-ware COSMOS SDK (Software Development Kit) documentation has been upgraded making it easier for external developers to build their own applications with NT-ware COSMOS.

The new NT-ware COSMOS REST API adapter (an API which complies to the REST architecture) allows a secure and standardized method of creating interactions between NT-ware COSMOS and other applications. It offers an easy to use, easy to understand and well documented set of HTTP endpoints which makes it possible to access, manage and execute any NT-ware COSMOS server resources such as jobs, workflows, logs, packages and console commands in a secure way - in simple JSON format.

Performance and Security
Overall stability and performance of the system in high demand environments is a key development area. Many fixes were done in this area with some of the highlights being:

  • Log4J 2 logging: upgrade to log4j2, a new strategy for saving LOG files which improves throughput through an efficient and stable way of creating log files.
  • Grid enhancements: update 3rd party library hazelcast to version 3.9 with diagnostic/management capabilities.
  • New Classifier: the new event triggered classifier reduces idling time to zero resulting in a reduced classification time. Our tests have proved an improvement by a factor of 10.
  • Client Update: the NT-ware COSMOS client is now based on a new version of Eclipse. This increases compatibility with a number of current operating systems.

Security upgrades:

With the help of the Canon EMEA Information Security Department's and external product testing a new security baseline for NT-ware COSMOS has been defined. This has resulted in a number of priority improvements upgrading the security level of the product as well as a new NT-ware COSMOS security white paper.

Connector developments

  • The following connectors and processes have been updated:
  • New ObjectifLune Connect adapter: supporting Objectif Lune REST Webservices.
  • New ZUGFeRD process: for processing PDF/A invoices in ZUGFeRD format.
  • New NT-ware COSMOS Rest API adapter: secure and standardized method of creating interactions between NT-ware COSMOS and other applications.
  • Updated PDF processes.
  • Updated Therefore 2017 adapter.
  • Updated Quadient Inspire adapter and cElement.