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uniFLOW sysHUB capabilities at a glance – Centralized application management

uniFLOW sysHUB acts as a standardized central hub for all applications involved in your document management workflow processes, handling a wide range of inputs and outputs while managing connected applications. If an application is added or removed, sysHUB can be adapted to suit any new processes, applications or middleware.

Process automation

uniFLOW sysHUB automates every step in your document management workflow processes, giving complete control over the entire process. uniFLOW sysHUB delivers automated and on-demand reports on every aspect of your document workflows – from historical logs and throughput performance to error rate and costs.

uniFLOW sysHUB guides your critical document processes

Real-time process monitoring

uniFLOW sysHUB grants you real-time visibility of all job statuses and comes along with automated error-correction as well as intelligent resource monitoring to ensure optimal use of all available resources.

Ensures communication to other platforms and applications

No matter what platforms your organization uses or however many different applications it runs, uniFLOW sysHUB talks their language, like REST API. It is built on the Java programming language, an industry standard that's light on system resources yet flexible enough to communicate with any number of applications, even in the most complex document management workflows.

Fully customizable interface

You can quickly create or amend workflows using the intuitive uniFLOW sysHUB interface – an easy- to-use drag & drop environment with quick-start shortcuts. Working with your trusted Canon systems integration partner, you can tailor the intuitive user interface to suit any situation – all with a consistent design that helps operators to complete tasks quickly and easily.

The modular structure of uniFLOW sysHUB allows it to adapt the software to the individual requirements of companies.
Nino Baumann, uniFLOW sysHUB Development Team

Certified SAP connections

uniFLOW sysHUB integrates seamlessly with your organization's SAP ERP system to improve your whole document output process. It can accept, analyze and transfer any data output from the SAP Output Management System and convert it into professional looking documents before being sent for printing or email distribution – all accurately routed and tracked by sysHUB.